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THE PRACTICAL SPIRITUALITY PRESS was created to provide literature (and materials in other media) for making genuine spirituality and spiritual practice available to the general public. The primary offering of THE PRACTICAL SPIRITUALITY PRESS is THE PRACTICAL SPIRITUALITY SERIES. Written by Dr. Chris Tong, this series of books is aimed at addressing all the core issues of genuine spiritual practice, in a manner that is very easily accessible to readers with no particular background in spirituality or spiritual literature, but whose hearts yearn for Something Greater.

The core theme of THE PRACTICAL SPIRITUALITY SERIES is to consider with readers the actual spiritual means that are currently available for tangible human and spiritual transformation. That is, THE PRACTICAL SPIRITUALITY SERIES is not merely a call to some consoling belief. Nor is it a call to experience merely for the sake of experience, as is so much that goes by the name of “spirituality” these days. Rather, it is a call to actively respond to what is being discussed, in the form of beginning and maturing one’s own practice of the means for self-transcendence and spiritual transformation. Thus, THE PRACTICAL SPIRITUALITY SERIES is “practical” in the root sense of that word: it is a pointer toward, and an admonition to practice. Genuine Spiritual Realization does not occur otherwise, as all the wisdom traditions throughout the ages have demonstrated.


The Secret of Surrender In our feeling, there is no bigger psychic bully than death... We'd like to avoid thinking about death more than anything else! And yet when we actually die (or have a "near-death" experience), despite whatever wriggling we did to try to get out of it (denial, anger, bargaining, etc.), all the reports indicate that we experience something quite different from what we imagined: we experience the overwhelmingly loving and blissful Presence of the Divine. There is a great secret here: in any moment that we completely surrender ourselves — surrendering our struggle, our searching for a way out, our reactivity — the Revelation of God is bound to appear in some form. The moment of our death provides a great Gift then — with overwhelming strength, it forces us to completely surrender, and then it reveals to us the Fruit of doing so. But if we get this point, why not practice that surrender in every moment of life, and receive that Fruit in every moment?

excerpt from
Book 6: You CAN Take It With You


I've been reflecting on how to share with others the way to live a spirit-guided life, in a practical and genuine way without artifice or dogma. I didn't realize there was a Practical Spirituality Press, or that the concept existed outside of my own construct. I'm thrilled to see that you have publications available to step a genuine seeker through the process of self-discovery and reconnection to God.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Julie J., Portland, Oregon

Very rare in insight.

Mark P., Columbus, Ohio

I write you in the name of a small group of yoga students living here. . . . We were truly amazed by your vision of the human spirit. . . . You have no idea how good it feels to receive support from someone with a great interest in spirituality. We'll make the best use of the Practical Spirituality Series.

Eduard D., Romania

I love your books, Chris. Thanks for creating them.

Louis N., musician


Thank you, these are beautiful. I am eager to . . . share them with full acknowledgement in my spirituality workshops. I would love to point people to your work.

Candace S., life coaching expert
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I am enjoying reading your Practical Spirituality series.

Richard M., Buddhist meditation teacher
London, United Kingdom

I cannot wait to read your series and go on beyond belief in God.

Mary Ann A., Van Wert, Ohio

I have been spending a great deal of time on the interent looking for "what's good... contacts" etc. for my "One Woman Show on Teresa of Avila". I was looking for a connection on Teresa of Avila and a Mythic Life. I used AOL and Google, but no luck. I decided I'd try one more and Wow ... did I get YOU. I felt G-d answered my prayers. . . . I could go on and on.

Arlene S., opera singer / actress
Vienna, Austria

Keep up the great work.

Marc B.


I'm doing a talk March 16th on "Beyond Believing". . . I've downloaded your book to assist me in my thoughts as I form my talk and meditation.

Ron C., Religion Science Minister
Arvada, Colorado

These works make great sense of issues that can be greatly confusing. They are a great help.

Matthew C.
Grand Rapids, Michigan

I deeply appreciate these ebooks!

Ray J.
Waltham Cross, United Kingdom

I bought the first five and they are fantastic. Write on, my brother!

Brad E.
Virginia Beach, Virginia

I appreciate your approach to psycho-spirituality.

Sister Fatima N., Sri Lanka

As direct motivation and preparation for genuine Spiritual practice, THE PRACTICAL SPIRITUALITY SERIES addresses such questions as:

  • Why do we suffer? What can we do to be happy? Is it possible to be perfectly happy? What, in spiritual terms, is the root of our un-happiness, from moment to moment? If change of circumstances (wealth; fame; a desired career; a loving partner, children, and friends; etc.) doesn’t guarantee happiness (and this is clear from the records of the wealthy, the famous, the successful, and even the loved), then what does? What spiritual means are available for restoring us to happiness?

    Books 2, 3, 9, 10, 11, 17

  • What can we do about the fact of our own mortality? What does happen after we die? In what way — precisely — does how we live impact what happens to us after we die? What is the best way to live in order to serve tangible spiritual growth, as well as our destiny after death?

    Books 4, 5, and 6

  • Is it possible to go beyond just talk of (and belief in) God and a Greater Reality, and actually have direct experience of that Greater Reality? Does God exist? Why are we not aware of God right now? How do we actually find God for real? How can we stay in communion with the Divine Being under any circumstance? What is God really like? How can we know God directly?

    Books 1, 3, 16, 22

  • What is the nature of the Greater Reality? How do the various teachings and Realizations of shamans, saints, yogis, and Spiritual Masters relate to each other and to the actual nature of Reality? Is it actually true that all paths to God are equal? Or are there real differences among religions and Spiritual paths that are important for us to know about in order to find the most beneficial Spiritual means? What is the greatest Spiritual potential and destiny we can realize, and what means is available for realizing it? Why aren't such Spiritual means more generally known or more widely practiced?

    Books 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, and 20

  • Tell me more about the tradition of genuine Spiritual Masters, the different degrees and types of Spiritual Masters, and what the relationship with a living Spiritual Master is like.

    Books 2, 3, 6, 10, 11, 12, 13, 18, 22

  • Do I have to give up my ordinary enjoyments, or become an ascetic, or leave the world, in order to be a true Spiritual practitioner?

    Books 3, 21

  • What are miracles? How can I come into contact with the miraculous?

    Books 9, 14

  • What are the connections between religion, spirituality, and science?

    Books 15, 19

  • What are the limits of the materialistic view?

    Books 8, 19



Book 1: Beyond Believing

Book 2: Secrets of Human Transformation

Book 3: Habits of Highly Spiritual People

Book 4: You CAN'T Take It With You

Book 5: You WILL Take It With You

Book 6: You CAN Take It With You

Book 7: Beyond Spiritual Correctness

Book 8: Three Views of Reality and Human Potential

Book 9: The Sacred Earth: Realization of the Magical, Psycho-Physical Dimensions

Book 10: Heaven: Realization of the Spiritual Dimensions

Book 11: Beyond Heaven and Earth: Ultimate Realizations

Book 12: How to Read a Spiritual Book

Book 13: The Taboo Against Spiritual Masters, Part 1: How to Construct a Tabloid Expose on Jesus Christ

Book 14: The Taboo Against Spiritual Masters, Part 2: Where Prejudice Still Runs Unchecked

Book 15: Primary Obstacles to Spiritual Growth

Book 16: The Presence of the Miraculous

Book 17: Psycho-Physics

Book 18: Does God Exist? Why Are We Not Seeing God RIGHT NOW?

Book 19: Why Do We Suffer?

Book 20: On Spirituality and Morality

Book 21: Evidence for the Existence of the Greater Reality

Book 22: What's The Matter with Matter: Why Materialism is a Myth

Book 23: Let Wisdom Rule: On the Separation of Church and State

Book 24: Ending the "War" Between the Flesh and the Spirit

Book 25: The Qualities of Real God


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